Exciting News: Introducing the Groups Feature on RPGMatch!

Hail and well met, RPGMatch community!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Groups Feature. This has been the most requested addition by our passionate community, and we’re excited to bring it to you.

With the Groups Feature, Game Masters can now create and manage their own group for free. Players, on the other hand, have the freedom to join as many groups as they are interested in, making it easier than ever to find the perfect gaming experience.

Creating a Group is Simple:

  1. Visit Create a Group.
  2. Enter your group’s information.

Information Needed:

  • Campaign Type: Indicate whether your campaign is free or paid.
  • Game Played: Specify the game you will be playing.
  • Session Schedule: Provide the schedule for your sessions.
  • Game Platform: Mention the platform you will be using.
  • Group Chat Link: Share the link to your group chat.
  • Group Description: Describe your group to attract the right players.
  • Group Language: Indicate the language your group will be using.

Finding a Group to Play Has Never Been Easier:

  1. Visit the Groups Landing Page: Explore all the available groups.
  2. Browse the Discovery Section: Find groups with open seats.
  3. Check Group Details: Click on the group card to view details on the Group Detail Page.
  4. Request to Join: Send a request to join your chosen group.
  5. Meet Your New Players: Connect and start your adventure!

We can’t wait to see the amazing groups you’ll create and join. Let’s continue to build a vibrant and welcoming community together.

Happy gaming!

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