What is RPGMatch?

RPGMatch is an application where you can register and meet other TTRPG players who like to play like you do. We ask the important questions about safety tools, character death, and stylistic preferences so you are guaranteed a good fit before you sit down at the table or VTT. RPGMatch is more than a matching service, we are building a community online from the ground up with table top gamers in mind. Best of all? It’s all free.

Our Mission

“To connect every tabletop roleplaying gamer with their perfect group.”

Registration is simple and free! Because we want to connect you with the right people, we ask that you fill in a (pretty long) survey where we ask questions about how you like to play.

Questions include things like:

  • What tabletop roleplaying games do you play?
  • How important are the rules to you?
  • How important are safety tools (session 0, lines & veils, etc) to games you run?

We believe everyone deserves to play the way they want and a lot of the issues that people see at in TTRPG sessions are mismatches.

Our values

  • Safety First. Connecting with other people should always be safe.
  • Privacy Second. Part of staying safe is preserving our members’ privacy and control over who they connect with and when. Decisions made to share personal information are individual choices.
  • Everyone deserves to play the way they want. There is no one right way to play TTRPGs. There are many ways to play and ALL of them are right for the right people!
  • Time is precious. Time is the one thing we don’t get more of, we’re here to help you make the most out of it!

Our Story

The origin of RPGMatch was driven by a need that our founder felt personally. After returning to playing TTRPGs in 2020 after a 15-year break, he no longer had a collection of friends that he could play with. People had moved, schedules had changed, and he had played with enough people over the years to know that a bad match can be a painful process.

Looking around he found lots of resources on facilitating online play (Virtual Table Tops, Discord, Zoom, etc) but nothing other than Reddit forums or Discord channels that shared little more than a day/time with the hope someone might be available. But what about style? Safety tools? Roleplaying vs. Combat? Forum posts left little opportunity to ask people about what they liked without it feeling like a personal rejection.

With RPGMatch all members fill in an extended survey about the way THEY like to play, and the system facilitates making connections.

Need to get in touch with us? Send us an email at hello@rpgmatch.org