• Exciting News: Introducing the Groups Feature on RPGMatch!
    Hail and well met, RPGMatch community! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Groups Feature. This has been the most requested addition by our passionate community, and we’re excited to bring it to you. With the Groups Feature, Game Masters can now create and manage their own group for free. Players, on the other hand, have the freedom to join as many … Read more
  • Roll20 VTT Review
    Roll20 is a great option for playing TTRPGs online and the best part is that it is free but that is not the only upside. Roll20 is capable of supporting some board games and card games. Finding a game and players is essential to playing any game and if you can’t meet in person you will need an online option.  Roll20 does a good job of … Read more
  • Blade Runner RPG Review
    The Blade Runner role-playing game markets itself as a “Neon Noir wonderland that will take your breath away.” Does it succeed? Mostly, with a few caveats. The product line comprises of either a 234-page hardcover rule book or a starter box set containing: NOTE: photos from this review feature the starter box contents. Finally, there is a three-panel GM screen and a set of four customized … Read more
  • TTRPG Review: Pirate Borg
    About This Review Pirate Borg, written by Limithron, published and distributed by Free League Publishing, joins a full deck of Mork Borg spinoffs. In this review we’ll focus on its presentation, gameplay, and determine a recommended rating. Background Morg Borg’s success has spawned incredible remixes in Cy-Borg, Vast Grimm, Points of Light, and Duck Borg, just to name a few. But the sea-faring adaptation of Pirate … Read more
  • Renegade Game Studios & RPGMatch Partner to Bring More Players to the Table!
    Tabletop matchmaking service, RPGMatch, and award-winning games publisher, Renegade Game Studios, are excited to announce their partnership! Renegade publishes an expansive catalog of roleplaying games, from Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Vampire: The Masquerade to the Power Rangers and My Little Pony Roleplaying Games. Fans of these RPGs can now unlock an exclusive Renegade badge for their RPGMatch profile: This badge shows on the user profile and … Read more
  • Paizo + RPGMatch Partnership
    RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Paizo, the award-winning publisher behind the blockbuster tabletop games Pathfinder & Starfinder! With this partnership, fans of the Paizo games can now unlock an exclusive badge for their RPGMatch profile to let people know about their affinity with the brand: This badge not only shows in the profile, but also on the user list and can be included … Read more
  • Modiphius + RPGMatch Partnership
    RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Modiphius, the award-winning publisher of the 2d20 tabletop roleplaying game system as well as renowned TTRPGs Achtung! Cthulhu, Cohors Cthulhu, Dreams and Machines, Dune Adventures in the Imperium, Star Trek Adventures, and more! With this partnership, fans of the Modiphius games can now unlock an exclusive badge for their RPGMatch profile to let people know about their affinity … Read more
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5e TTRPG Review
    One of the first, if not the first, game that will inevitably be heard by new roleplayers just dipping their toes into the veritable sea of tabletop gaming pond is Dungeons & Dragons. Partly because of its roots as the progenitor of various roleplaying games, partially due to the rise of actual plays like Critical Role and Dimension 20, and in large part owing its success … Read more
  • FATE Core TTRPG Review
    Details Quick Introduction Whether you have plans to play in a high sci-fi setting or a grim-dark fantasy game, the Fate Core System has the tools you need to run a game that is character driven and filled with drama! Fate Core is a setting and genre agnostic system that is easy to learn and play and aims to have players role-play with less dice rolls. … Read more
  • Chaosium Partnership
    RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Chaosium, the award-winning publisher behind games like Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, and Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine. With this partnership, fans of the Chaosium games will be able to unlock an exclusive badge for their RPGMatch profile, as well as connect easily with fans of the brand: Additionally, they will be able to select and find matches for … Read more
    “We howl, and our howl echoes Gaia’s lament. Our world, our mother, lies dying, and her murderers dance across what remains of her body, digging deeply of her wounds to forge the icons that signify to other hierophants the excess of their glee. … Do you howl with us? And against whom? Who stokes your fury? When will you Rage?” The opening statement from Renegade Games … Read more
  • Free League Publishing Partnership
    RPGMatch is excited to announce a partnership with Free League Publishing, the award winning publisher behind games like Dragonbane, Blade Runner, The One Ring, ALIEN, Vaesen, and MÖRK BORG! With this partnership, fans of the Free League brand will be able to unlock an exclusive Free League logo for their RPGMatch profile: Additionally, they will be able to select and find matches for the full roster … Read more
  • D&D: the differences between 5e and 4e
    Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e) and Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (4e) are distinct editions of the beloved tabletop role-playing game. 4e made its debut in 2008, followed by the release of 5e in 2014. Each edition offers its own
  • RPGMatch’s Origin Story
    My name is Joaquin, and I talk a lot to people about the RPGMatch app – a web app designed to allow tabletop role-players to connect with one another. Most of the time, if people have played tabletop games, they immediately grasp the value of the app, but they also want to know why I am building this application. Here’s why: My love for tabletop roleplaying … Read more
  • Foundry VTT Review
    At the height of the pandemic and while I was still new to TTRPGs, I was in the market for a VTT that suited my purposes. The first I tried was too bare bones and half the time failed in its key purpose. The second was not optimized and limited in features, its free version too lackluster for me to leap to a subscription. Amid this … Read more
  • Mörk Borg – TTRPG Review
    As much ink has spilled in reviews about Mork Borg as you’ll find in its splattered, blood-covered pages. The indie project, born of a zine written during an overly-long apple queue, epitomizes the rules-light, attitude-heavy genre of metal RPGs. About this Review This review focuses on the original Mork Borg hardcover, published by Free League Publishing. We’ll focus on how it’s presented, how it plays, and … Read more
  • Virtual Tabletop Profile: Quest Portal
    One of the core values at RPGMatch is this: everyone deserves to play TTRPGs the way they want. Keeping this in mind virtual table tops (VTTs) have become an important part of how people play online.  We will be adding the ability to filter by VTT over the next month, and we are kicking this off with a series of in depth articles on some of … Read more
  • Roleplay Discord Servers
    Online roleplay servers are a place for fans to come together and roleplay within their favorite worlds. This can be fan-made D&D content or roleplays dedicated to a specific fandom like Lord of the Rings. There are also roleplay servers for popular online games like World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto Online. If you’re looking for a chance to stretch your roleplaying muscles either on … Read more
  • Monster of the Week – TTRPG Review
    Have you ever watched Buffy, Supernatural, or the X-Files and wanted to be there alongside them fighting monsters and aliens? In Monster of the Week, you assume the role of archetypal characters from ‘monster of the week’ style shows and hunt down monsters in an action-horror RPG. Someone assumes the rule of the Keeper who runs episodic sessions for the Hunters, each featuring a new terror … Read more
  • Call of Cthulhu Starter Set – TTRPG Review
    “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown” – H.P. Lovecraft In Call of Cthulhu, you take on the role of an intrepid but fragile human investigator in 1920 America as you plunge into solving mysteries and uncover bizarre or terrifying truths about the cosmos and the horrors that inhabit it. … Read more
  • Star Wars: Roleplaying Game Saga Edition – TTRPG Review
    The third official iteration of a Star Wars roleplaying game was “The Saga Edition” by Wizards of the Coast, which had previously produced the “Star Wars Roleplaying Game.” The game was published from 2007 to 2010. As a precursor to the soon-to-be-released fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, it featured some of the rules that would soon polarize the D&D fan base. It did a similar … Read more
  • Blades in the Dark – TTRPG Review
    Who hasn’t watched Peaky Blinders, The Wire, or played a video game like Dishonored and thought to themselves: “I wanna play that in a tabletop RPG! I wanna be a ne’er-do-well leading a crew of criminals”. Well, Blades in the Dark is that game. Blades in the Dark lets you and your friends put on the skin of a daring and mischievous of a group of … Read more
  • Legend of the Five Rings – TTRPG Review
    Honor, steel, and politics collide in the Legend of the Five Rings tabletop roleplaying game. Set in Rokugan, a world heavily inspired by traditional and mythological Japan (as well as other Eastern influences), players take on the role of a young samurai to craft their own collaborative samurai fiction in this role-play heavy but mechanically interesting tabletop RPG.   About this Review  This review covers the contents … Read more
  • Dungeons and Dragons Group Near Me
    Over the last few years, Dungeons and Dragons has exploded in popularity. It makes sense, there are podcasts, shows, and even a new movie coming out based on the game. If you’re interested in getting into D&D, this really seems to be the right time to do so. However, there are some challenges new players inevitably face when trying to get into the game. One of … Read more
  • What is a table top roleplaying game?
    Table top roleplaying games (TTRPGs) are games of collaborative storytelling, that work a lot like “let’s play pretend” but with rules.  Most table top roleplaying games require nothing other than your imagination, a friend, a rule book, and some dice. As the field has grown, some games have been created that use blocks instead of dice or no dice at all; no rule book; no friends … Read more
  • Why You Should Play D&D Online
    There are plenty of reasons why in person Dungeons and Dragons groups fall apart; somebody moves far away from the rest of the group; everyone’s work schedules are incompatible and you can rarely find a time to meet; you and your friends all live in tiny apartments that can’t accommodate a whole group. Whatever your personal struggle is, playing D&D online can help! Since the COVID-19 … Read more