FATE Core TTRPG Review

FATE Core System

Details Quick Introduction Whether you have plans to play in a high sci-fi setting or a grim-dark fantasy game, the Fate Core System has the tools you need to run a game that is character driven and filled with drama! Fate Core is a setting and genre agnostic system that is easy to learn and … Read more


Werewolf the apocolypse

“We howl, and our howl echoes Gaia’s lament. Our world, our mother, lies dying, and her murderers dance across what remains of her body, digging deeply of her wounds to forge the icons that signify to other hierophants the excess of their glee. … Do you howl with us? And against whom? Who stokes your … Read more

Mörk Borg – TTRPG Review

Mork Borg close up

As much ink has spilled in reviews about Mork Borg as you’ll find in its splattered, blood-covered pages. The indie project, born of a zine written during an overly-long apple queue, epitomizes the rules-light, attitude-heavy genre of metal RPGs. About this Review This review focuses on the original Mork Borg hardcover, published by Free League … Read more

Monster of the Week – TTRPG Review

Have you ever watched Buffy, Supernatural, or the X-Files and wanted to be there alongside them fighting monsters and aliens? In Monster of the Week, you assume the role of archetypal characters from ‘monster of the week’ style shows and hunt down monsters in an action-horror RPG. Someone assumes the rule of the Keeper who … Read more

Legend of the Five Rings – TTRPG Review

Legend of the Five Rings starter set

Honor, steel, and politics collide in the Legend of the Five Rings tabletop roleplaying game. Set in Rokugan, a world heavily inspired by traditional and mythological Japan (as well as other Eastern influences), players take on the role of a young samurai to craft their own collaborative samurai fiction in this role-play heavy but mechanically … Read more

Why You Should Play D&D Online

a scene depicting a battle between two dwarves with heavy weapons such as axes, hammers, and shields, being assisted by a red-haired elf with a bow and arrow as they fight valiantly against a horde of orcs

There are plenty of reasons why in person Dungeons and Dragons groups fall apart; somebody moves far away from the rest of the group; everyone’s work schedules are incompatible and you can rarely find a time to meet; you and your friends all live in tiny apartments that can’t accommodate a whole group. Whatever your … Read more